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From the Dales to the Downs

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

My daughter and I decided to visit York on a whim and stopped at Yorkshire Sculpture Park @yspsculpture en route, website is:

Unusual and breath-taking sculptures stopped us in our tracks as did the beauty of the site itself. We loved Eroded Melpomene and Eroded Venus of Arles by Daniel Arsham:

Once we were in York, we enjoyed the sights and sounds of this stunning city and couldn't resist the pull of the infamous Betty's Tea Room and a 'fat rascal' which is a must try! Dee-licious. We left with a bag full of scones and fondant for the family packaged up beautifully. Here is an example and you can see my smiling reflection in the window:

I was truly inspired by Yorkshire; it's beauty, colours and warmth and was delighted to be greeted by new florals in the garden in the form of a new primrose and more hellebores (see last post) on our return. Both have featured in some new floral still life paintings:

Hellebores-I believe this variety is called 'Lenten Rose' but not entirely sure. They look so delicate but I would also like to credit them with being robust as they are always one of the first to appear as Winter subsides. Their stalks are very strong and upright holding up a tissue thin paper handsome head.

Primrose-I spotted this beauty appear on the day of our youngest daughter's 13th birthday. It was a grey day but I loved this burst of jolly colour and couldn't resist adding one to my VIntage Chemist Bottles still life.

Happy 'hump' day and Wednesday.

With warm wishes,

Olga xx

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