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Art for Charity!

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Dear subscribers and new guests,

Hope you are well! I've just come back from a truly inspirational visit to Italy. Look out for my next blog on this wonderful trip and tips if you are travelling to Northern Italy in the near future. But here is a little 'taste' if you will in the form of GELATO in FONTANELLATO!

Here is a fun blog I found on Italian ice cream-YUM!

I wanted to share with you the exciting news of my participation in the Highfield and Brookham Art Exhibition in aid of Highfield and Brookham Centenary Bursaries Fund. Thank you to our sponsors @knightfrank and @coolhurstvineyards

Private View is this Thursday evening £25 per ticket and free on Sunday.

Please see information below.

Here is a sample of several pieces that will be available in the exhibition:

Thank you for reading and hope to see you at Highfield and Brookham Art Exhibition!

Loads of love,

Olga xx

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