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LISBON in Yellow and Blue oh how I love you!

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Hello friends! Bom dia? Ola!

Not sure about you but the grey in the UK the last few weeks have made me feel a bit fed up. I needed sun and colour in my life in a BIG WAY....

How did you spend your Easter? The Houghties visited Lisbon with another family and we all enjoyed the fine weather, food, culture and art!

We loved the Time Out Market Lisboa and all that was on offer from gorgeous wines, oysters and artisan food and coffee. We devoured delicious pastel de nata - the infamous egg custard tart pastries

YUMMY! Even the food is bright and happy!

Whenever I see yellow and blue, I tend to think of warm, Mediterranean countries and this of course inspires my colour palette in skies, warm stone, ochre and gelato coloured frescoed walls, floral and organic tiles oh my....what a dream...

Bottom left is a flat white from our beloved local cafe Cafe Janis which we visited every morning for healthy smoothies, chia seed porridge or delicious pancakes!

Did you know that Lisbon has its own variety of lemons? They are called Lisbon lemons and descend from the Gallego variety. I painted these Lisbon Lemons on a SPAL Portuguese side plate on a Belavista stripe.

However you are spending your Tuesday, I'm wishing you a zesty, happy lemony day! Hubby and I will be going for G&T's at our local later or we might do a repeat with one of our favourite new drinks we discovered at our favourite local restuurant Linda e Lisboa which was called Porto Tonico: White Port and Tonic. Refreshing, uplifting and delicious!

Image from @thecasualfoodist and click when life gives you lemons for recipe!

OBRIGADO LISBON-until we meet again!

Happy Tuesday lovelies!

With love,



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1 Comment

Simon Mason
Simon Mason
Apr 18, 2023

Thanks Olga. Great to hear from you! This looks like it was a great trip.

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